It is easy to join and only costs £5 for each Pug.

Please note that your Pug must be at least 12 months of age to participate.

To join our Pug 5 Star Health Scheme please complete the application form by clicking on the application form button.

(Please note that if you have more than one Pug, you will need to complete a separate application form for each dog).
Please complete this form online and make sure that you click the SUBMIT button. Your application details will then be automatically submitted to us.
You will also need to send us the £5 application fee for each Pug you wish to register.
(Please note that your application will not be processed until we have received your payment).

Payment Options

We offer three different ways for you to make your payment as follows:

1. PayPal

This is the simplest method and allows you to pay securely online by debit or credit card.


PayPal Payment Form For Pug 5 Star Health Scheme

Please remember that you need to pay the £5 joining fee for each Pug registered. Select the amount from the drop down menu up to a maximum of 10 Pugs.

Payment for: Pug 5 Star Health Scheme


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Validating payment information…
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2. Bank Transfer

Make an electronic payment from your bank account direct to THE PUG BREED COUNCIL HEALTH SUB-COMMITTEE, using Sort Code: 30-98-98 – Account Number: 33573460

3. By Post

You can post your cheque for the relevant payment to THE PUG BREED COUNCIL HEALTH SUBCOMMITTEE at the following address:

The Treasurer,
Mr Adrian Brewer
The Mews Flat
Capesthorne Hall
Cheshire SK11 9JR

IMPORTANT – Please make sure that for payment methods 2 and 3 you include your name, to enable us to cross reference your payment with your application form.

The scheme is made up of five components and the flow chart below shows the simple steps.

Pug 5 Star Health Scheme-How To Join And Cost

The Visual Health Assessment form will be sent to you in the post and once your vet has completed it and you have returned the pink copy you will be rewarded with a FIVE STAR GREEN CERTIFICATE!

This is your entry to the Five Star Scheme. To progress you need to forward your Pug’s BOAS grading, now called Respiratory Function Grading, PDE result and spinal X ray result depending on the age of your Pug and which certificate you are applying for.

Full details are below.

Certificates are awarded as follows:


Awarded on submission of VHA


VHA, BOAS, PDE Patella from 12 months of age.


As Bronze level but BOAS graded 0, 1 or 2. Patella max 1/1


BOAS grading at over 24 months to be 0, 1 or 2. Spinal X ray to be certified clear of HV. Patella max 1/1


Over 24 months as Gold, BOAS Grading 0 or 1

Breeding Guidelines

It is recommended that Pugs should have attained the SILVER Certificate as an absolute minimum before being used for breeding, as well as conforming to the Breed Standard.

Cambridge University have produced the following Respiratory Function Grading chart to help with decision making. In an ideal world Pugs graded 2 would be excluded from breeding programmes but we have to bear in mind that at the present time this would reduce the gene pool.

The Pug Breed Council Health Sub-committee strongly recommend that only Pugs awarded Silver, Gold or Platinum are considered when making breeding plans.