Over the past eighteen months we have been working with the Kennel Club and Cambridge University to enable BOAS testing to be more readily accessible to Pug owners.

This has resulted in the Kennel Club launching a scheme called the RFG Scheme, (Respiratory Functional Grading). A network of specially trained Vets throughout the country are now offering grading to all Pug owners.

With the launch of the RFG scheme the Pug Breed Council Health Subcommittee have taken the opportunity to upgrade and revamp the Five Star Health Scheme.  We now award a Green Five Star Certificate for completing the Visual Health Assessment, and receipt of this allows entry to the Five Star Scheme.

BOAS grading now known as RFG is now a requirement for ALL of our Five Star Health Scheme certificates.

Pug Bred Health Coordinator Susanne Seffer MRCVS signing one of the new Pug Breed Council Five Star Health Scheme Certificates launched at Crufts 2019.

For further information on our Five Star Health Scheme please visit the How To Join Page.

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