The Pug Breed Council Health Subcommittee are very pleased and proud to announce that the Kennel Club are now recommending the PUG BREED COUNCIL FIVE STAR HEALTH SCHEME for participation by Kennel Club Assured Breeders. This was announced in a press release dated 15th November 2019 and the Kennel Club have advised Pug breeders that Respiratory Functional Grading is now a requirement.

We have also been instrumental in gaining approval for the DNA test for PDE to become a Kennel club official scheme.

The Pug Breed Council Health Subcommittee has had a very successful 2019, as in addition to collaborating with the Kennel Club to achieve the above, the PUG BREED COUNCIL FIVE STAR HEALTH SCHEME now has over 200 Pugs registered and a further 180 Pugs having had their Visual Health assessments completed and eligible for registration,

During 2019 we have published and distributed thousands of leaflets on identifying healthy weight using body condition scoring, eye problems and other health issues as well as displaying educational material promoting Pug health at shows and exhibitions.  The Pug Breed Council won the award for the Best Breed Stand at Discover Dogs at Crufts and also had stands at Discover Dogs London and the National Pet Show as well as attending smaller events such as Pug meet ups and supporting Pug  Breed Council member Clubs events in England, Scotland and Wales. Buying puppies from responsible breeders who health test is strongly advocated at these events and we offer support and advice to Pug owners that are experiencing issues with the health of their Pugs.  We have worked closely with Pug Dog Welfare and Rescue Association over the last 12 months and are looking forward to building upon that relationship in 2020 in order to improve our effectiveness in reaching out to pet owners.

Registration for the PUG BREED COUNCIL FIVE STAR HEALTH SCHEME is very quick and easy to complete through our website www.pughealth.org.uk and there are also links from our Pug Health Face Book page.   The cost is £5 per dog. This is a one off charge which covers all costs of certificates and postage. You will not be asked to pay postage or send stamped addressed envelopes as your Pug progresses through the scheme irrespective of how many certificates you achieve.  Once registered you will receive your Visual Health Assessment form which when completed by your own vet and returned will result in the Green Five Star Certificate being awarded. You are then able to go on and complete the requirements for the other certificates we offer, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum.   Our FIVE STAR HEALTH SCHEME is overseen by the Pug Breed Health Coordinator Susanne Seffer MRCVS who is a Pug owning qualified Vet.  We follow the guidelines from Cambridge University who advise that BOAS grading is only definitive when a Pug is graded at over 2 years of age therefore our highest awards, the  Gold and Platinum certificates reflect this.

We insist on the highest standards…reach for the stars!

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